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At Grand Escape we believe an escape room has all the ingredients to be an excellent resource for team building in Birmingham.

To be in with the chance of escaping, your team needs to channel creativity, bring their ‘outside of the box’ thinking, and demonstrate exceptional communication skills and collaboration. With the time limit ticking down, your team members will be working together under pressure with one clear goal in mind, to escape!

Why choose Grand Escape for your team building adventure in Birmingham?

  1. Break the cycle

    Steer clear from the conventional corporate team building events in Birmingham and choose an event that will get your team talking.

  2. Challenge your team

    Our rooms aren’t easy! So this team building experience in Birmingham will test how your team copes under pressure in an unfamiliar environment.

  3. See their strengths

    You’ll see your team members slot into their best and most natural roles in their bid to escape!

We understand that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, our rooms are created with those in mind. Each puzzle is crafted to help you recognise the traits of your team.

The most successful teams will show:

  • Creative and analytical thinking
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Fast paced decision making
  • Accountability and delegation
  • Resilience and positivity
  • Effective time management

We have three escape rooms on site which are recommended to hold up to 6 players per team building round in Birmingham. Each game has a time limit of just 60 minutes, which will slip away a lot faster than you think… We’re excited to meet your team and put you to the test.

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